About power quality and harmonics:

The modern industrial environment with latest technologies is fully equipped and depends upon the electronic equipment and components to succeed in today’s highly competitive and efficiency driven business world.  Drives, electronic equipment and systems, sensors, inbuilt control circuits, computerized control and operating systems have become as an integral part of any industry to ensure quality, consistency and optimal productivity. Hence, these components/ systems and equipment require stable and clean electricity to operate effectively.

In industries most of the power quality problems are caused by transient noise, voltage surges, harmonics or frequently changing voltage conditions. These power quality issues damage equipment, incur production losses and sometimes corrupts the data systems. Harmonics represent trouble for throughout industrial facilities by overheating neutral conductors, transformers, motor windings, cables, tripping breakers, creating a high neutral current, reducing system capacities, malfunctioning of electronic components and circuits, and even loosening of connectors. Our Team can help you with the following activities:

  • Detailed survey and analysis for the causes of the power quality and harmonics
  • Measurement of harmonic levels at various feeders using portable and sophisticated power and harmonic analyzers
  • Comprehensive analysis and engineering solution recommendations

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