Industrial & Process Energy

Developing and integrating a detailed sustainability vision into your long-term strategic plan, developing a governance structure, detailing the risk and adhering to the compliance in a way that creates lasting value whilst also building public trust is a common challenge for all types of organizations.

Our Team can help you with the following activities:

  • Identify, assess and prioritize key climate change business risks and opportunities across the organization
  • Benchmark against peers within and across industry and identify leading practices that can be implemented
  • Undertake climate change risk assessments that consider future scenarios and the subsequent exposure of global assets
  • Assess preparedness for responding to the impacts of climate change, including misalignments, challenges, and improvement opportunities
  • Support the development of climate change strategy through establishing overall strategy governance structure, measurement frameworks and external engagement activities
  • Assess and/or help implement climate change accountability and stakeholder engagement, framework, processes and policies
  • Advise on procedures for ensuring accountability for climate change targets throughout organization, including executive leadership buy-in and for measuring progress made against short and medium term targets

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