Green Audit

We are NABCB accredited Type A – Inspection Body (IB), to conduct Green Audits for Colleges and Universities as per NAAC Advisory on Green Audits and NABCB Guidelines.

EEELLP is the first Inspection Body (IB) in Karnataka to get accreditation from NABCB to conduct Green Audits for Colleges and Universities.

Green Audit

Green Audit is a process of identification, quantification, documenting, reporting and monitoring of environmental impact.

Through Green Audit, the facility gets a direction as how to improve the condition of environment and there are various factors that have determined the growth of carrying out Green Audit.

Green Audit is assigned to the Criteria 7 of NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council)

Benefits of Green Audit

  1. A more efficient way of resource management
  2. To provide a basis for improved sustainability
  3. To create a green campus
  4. To enable waste management through reduction of waste generation, solid-waste, and water recycling
  5. To create plastic-free campus and evolve health consciousness among the stakeholders
  6. Recognize the cost-saving methods through waste minimizing
  7. Enhancement of college profile
  8. Developing environmental ethic and value systems in students/ staff
  9. Curriculum enrichment through practical experience
  10. Green auditing should become a valuable tool in the management and monitoring of environmental and sustainable development programs of the college


List of Colleges


List of Colleges